Power Bank for Mobiles and Tablets

Power Bank for Mobiles and TabletsToday’s world is seeing a growth in the use of mobile phones. In fact, every person possesses a cell phone, and every second person has a smart phone or a tablet. All of these having are known to have a lot of applications, games and many such things. The users therefore, exploit it to the maximum because of which the battery diminishes abruptly faster. This is one major problem everyone using a smart phone, is facing now a days. It is annoying when you are in the middle of some work and your battery dies. To overcome these problems power banks have been introduced recently. This will help you to charge your phone without any disturbance even if your battery drains off.

So before you select a particular power bank, you have to look at some of the aspects such as capacity, probability, flexibility and definitely the price. When you look at the capacity aspect of it, you should remember that a good battery must stay for a minimum of 8 hours and also stay functional even after charging it for 4-5 times. It is not necessary to have a heavy battery. It must be thin and easy so that you can carry it anywhere you go. Since these power banks are universally used, they should not have any compatibility issues with any of the devices you use irrespective of the brand or even the operating systems. And last but not the least we come to the pricing of the product. These universal batteries are generally a bit expensive. However, choosing a battery which is cheap will affect your device as it will be of a poor quality. When you select a battery make sure it has a USB port. So it is advisable to choose a good universal external battery than any other cheap power banks. Here are the best three universal external batteries which you might want to consider:

  1. Vetter iCharge Pro, 600mAh:

These are made of high quality cells which are Samsung products. It charges very quickly. It uploads in less than 8 hours. A micro USB is provided along with it which supports any phone. Also provided with it are lightning cables for iPad Air, iPad Mini2, iPad 4, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5. The cost of the product is around 150 lei.

  1. Prom STORM, 1560mAh:

It has a large capacity, so much so that it can load a tablet as well. Two phones can be used at the same time with this battery. It has a charging time of 8 hours. You can recharge it for about 8 times. There is a system called Shake View in this battery which will display the battery level in it. All you have to do is shake it a little to see how much amount of energy is left. It costs around 300 lei.

  1. Prom Aidbar, 5200mAh:

This is a cheaper product when compared to the above one as it has less capacity. But its quality and performance is very good. It can resist about 4, 5 loads and has a charging time of 8 hours. There is more on the best smartphones in india at Imtechie Facebook Page

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