Some of the best headphones priced below 100

ear headphonesLow cost headphones are well received by music lovers. The main reasons why people look for cheap headphones are three in number. Firstly, the pricing is acceptable, secondly, nowadays, cheap headphones meets the specifications of bigger brands of earphones and thirdly, headphones that are less bulky are easy to carry, handle and operate. Many brands now offer headphones at peanut rates owing to greater competition in the market. The result is that now you can buy best headphones under 100.

The review of Sennheiser MX365

The MX365 is the outstanding upgrade of MX370. Although appearance wise M365 and M370 appear to be the same, but MX365 is far more fashionable and one enjoys more colour options. The length of wire is redesigned in MX365 and the 90 degree plug is far smaller and attractive than the previous version.  In a way, MX365 is more comfortable, thoughtful and well priced. The sound quality of the headphone is almost the same as MX370 but then MX365 is more balanced and the overall performance is far better. When you talk about the price range, Sennheiser MX365 is the most competitively priced headphones.

The review of AKG K315 headphone

AKG is regarded as the major manufacturer of headphones. Among the various versions of headphones manufactured by AKG, AKG K315 is the best buy since it offers the rhythmic musical performance. The sound quality is also outstanding and you may enjoy the consistent musical rhythm. The enhanced bass performance and the power requirement output does all the magic. For mobile playback devices, this earphone is perfect.

Why is JVC HA-F240 regarded as the best?

This headphone is in fact the best built head phone with the great performance and superior rubber design. It has the rubber built up which makes the earphone very comfortable to wear. The level of noise is also less here and it is capable of meeting the requirements of normal conversation. It is perfectly meant for the cell phones since it has a great sense of distance and space.

The KOSS headphone: the closed style headphone

The stereo ear bud, KOSS is meant for discriminating listener. Delivering the accurate acoustic reproduction, it offers the incredible isolation and privacy. Featuring the dynamic element, the plug is magnificently positioned just outside the ear. You may witness the soft and comfortable ear cushion that is comprised of urethane and hydrophilic. The design is spectacular and the performance is unbeatable.

Sennheiser: The best headphone under 100

In any case, Sennheiser is voted as one of the best headphones under 100. For those who plan to listen to Hi-Fi audio, this headphone is perfectly apt for them. The sound is of very high quality and the design is also very stylish. The low market price is the added advantage here. The wireless headphone is very comfortable to wear. Prior to buying this headphone, you need to look for the manufacturer’s 2 years of warranty. The highly featured headphone is stylishly designed and the user can change the battery by simply twisting the ear pad.

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